Fairies and Such

So it might seem as if I haven’t been up to much but quite the contrary. In addition to starting a thriving business breeding Pacific Northwest Tree Octopuses (or octopi if you prefer), I have also been doing a great deal of work concepting and beginning to illustrate a book for young readers. The book is called “A Tale of Two Fairies” by Christopher Ferguson. You can find out more about it on his facebook site: http://www.facebook.com/#!/ATaleOfTwoFairies as well as support a Kickstarter he has set up to help pay me for the artwork at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1078944858/a-tale-of-two-fairies-the-secret-of-the-spiders-we . I know you have probably seen a ton of Kickstarter projects but this one is different. The sole purpose of this one is to pay me for drawing. None of the others have that as their purpose at all.  Feel free to support and thank you. In the meantime, I will be posting some of the work I have done here from time to time to keep all three of you up to date.

To start things off I will reveal the final art for the village that the main characters hail from, Mushroom Circle. My wife pronounced it “Adorable”. It is the first of my pieces she has dubbed “Adorable”. You can probably see why after only a cursory scan of the rest of my work. There will most likely be more “adorable” illustrations in the future but I will still work the odd monster and skull into things. It is my nature.

 If you are interested in purchasing and raising your own Tree Octopus, bear with me as I bring them to a mature enough state to ship overseas. Although indigenous to the PNW  and North America they are illegal here. Go figure.


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