Ghoul Feeding color work

Some color work I’ve done to update this piece. I like the fairly subdued color palette and I’ll be experimenting with where to take things from here.

I imagine it is the nature of any evolving artist to look back over even his or her most recent work with a certain sense of dissatisfaction and that is where I’m at right now. I still love what I’ve been working on but I can see the need for greater polish and a more skilled development. So back to the grindstone.


4 thoughts on “Ghoul Feeding color work

  1. I agree – the subdued palette looks great. I’m a big fan of balance, so my only suggestion would be perhaps tinting the fountain above his head to balance the color in the sky behind the house..

    Really like the anatomy/posture of the ghoul himself though – and the way he (compositionally) blends with the column.

    • Thanks Mr. I spent another 4 or 5 hours on it yesterday and I like most of the results I got out of my time. With a little more tweaking and polishing I might be ready to show it.

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