Alchemical Vampire

So it probably seems pretty quiet around here and that might lead one to infer that not much is happening art-wise, right? Wrong! For the last few weeks I’ve been putting together some special monsters for Nevermet Press. I’ve been given a pretty free rein to develop whatever I want as long as it incorporates steampunk elements and brings something new to some of the tried and true monster types. These will then be passed along to some creative writing folks to make into full-fledged game monsters. It is a total reverse on how things are usually done and I like it.

The first one out of the gates is an alchemical vampire, a Nosferatu type with hypodermics for fingertips connected into his blood and body fluids. I don’t know if he drains or injects or both. I don’t know what effects his blood and such would have on a victim. That is for the writer to figure out but I like the possibilities.

Below is the initial pencils and the digital color work.


2 thoughts on “Alchemical Vampire

  1. Interesting take on the classic vampire…alchemical, eh? Certainly would make for an interesting baddie for any author. With that grin, after all, one knows he loves his dirty work. Fortunately, any would-be heroes might be alright if they can get his specs off…unless those are just for show!

    • I would imagine that in his former life the glasses were genuinely needed, but his transformation into undeath might have changed that. He wears them still as a tangeable link to himself prior to undeath. I would think he might rely on some of his other, more predatory senses now as well. But most of that stuff will be decided by the author. I just make pictures.

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