Scary Monster- Illithid Culinarian

I was sketching up a classic D&D badguy, the Illithid or mind Flayer, and wanted to give him a bit of a twist to make him different from the run of the mill brain eating illithids we are all so used to seeing.  Since my day job is as a chef, I naturally thought it would be intriguing to consider what a guy like this might be looking for in his meal of choice. It struck me that he would probably utilise his psychic powers to stun his dinner and then perhaps go to work with some tools of the culinary trade to bring out the most desirable flavors from the base food matter. It’s what I would do. So with subtle emotional and physical manipulation over a period of hours or perhaps days he brings his dinner to the peak of flavor and thus honors the creature who gave its life to grace his palate. Bon appetit!


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