New Harvest Lord WIP

I’ve gotten a great deal of positive feedback on the older version of this piece from friends and a couple of AD’s which seems strange to me because it was really just a throw away piece to experiment on. Since I had some free time I thought i’d mess around with it some more and see how my style has changed as i’ve developed more ability with the digital mediums I work in. Here you will see my first digital inks i’ve ever done and the color work thus far. I’ll give it a day or two to step away and get some fresh eyes on it and see if any of you would like to comment and let me know what works and what doesn’t.


One thought on “New Harvest Lord WIP

  1. I’m a sucker for fairly balanced compositions with a slightly ‘iconic’ feel, so you’ve got me in spades there. My one and only constructive critique (since I only have a couple minutes to dig into this) is that the color and tone feels pretty uniform. I would to see some more varied tonal shifts and a wider range of colors. For the record – these two issues are something I generally find myself having a rough time with too, so you’re certainly not alone.

    Love the image overall though, and you’re inspiring me to get crackin on my seasonal e-card. 🙂

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