ArtOrder Final Hook Submission

I feel like i could keep working on this forever but due dates  definitively tell an artist when to stop. The due date is here and if it’s overworked or underdeveloped i’m still pretty pleased with the finished piece. Working with an accomplished art director is definitely better then playing AD myself. Here’s to hoping i get the chance to do it more often.

I think the file is too large to allow full size viewing so i added it in it’s own page to the right.

If you’d like to see more of the many fine images submitted for this challenge go to:


8 thoughts on “ArtOrder Final Hook Submission

    • Thanks Jonathan! I think that the extra time was well spent… now i just need to get through the next few days without looking at it too closely or artist regret will do me in and i’ll become a walking shattered ego.

  1. Looks great Rob! I’m with Jonathan on the shading and color scheme. I also love the composition (the ‘breaking the frame’ concept has always been something I enjoy) and the level of refinement is impressive indeed.

    I can fix the ‘too large to view’ thing if you like.

    I also have one (minor) constructive critique if you’d like it.

    It’s a fantastic piece, and one that you should really be proud of sir!

    • Thanks for the feedback and help MrLich. I’m open to critique (minor or major). It’s one of the best ways to improve after all. Another set of artistic eyes looking at a piece always helps.

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