ArtOrder Hook Challenge

Jon Schindehette, Senior Art Director for D&D, is having another contest on his ArtOrder blog that takes the participants through the process of completing an art assignment for WOTC. The winner will be paid for the rights to their image and have it published in Dragon magazine. Needless to say this is an amazing opportunity.

So we’ve passed the thumbnail stage and, after a little art direction, we’ve moved on to final drawings. Here is what i put together last night after several composition changes and some reference photos. I’m lucky to have lots of home remodel junk lying around to fashion shields out of and tools to stand in for weapons. I also have been blessed with a short, stocky dwarven physique and a son who trusts me to stand over him holding a hammer and looking vicious while he snaps pictures. I’ll attach one of those just so you can see me looking ridiculous/dwarvish.

Yes! I look sufficiently Dwarfish! If all i ever have to paint are people of dwarvish proportions i will rule the art world with my personal modeling abilities always at the ready.

Photo courtesy of Arrin Torno.


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