I messed around with this guy for a couple of hours today. I know, lucky me. Pretty gruesome.

He’s the husk of a primative autopsy and uses his acute sense of smell to seek out victims to refill his empty shell. Looks like he got one! HAHAHA!

(seriously, i’m not crazy but my imagination is)


4 thoughts on “Hollowman

    • Thanks mrlich! I spent a couple of hours taking in the art utilized by many of the companies i’d like to work for and realized i needed to ‘graphic up’ a bit so some of my work to come will probably reflect this a little more.

    • I am unfamiliar with these Cybermen you speak of as i am not nor will i ever be a fan of the good Dr. If anything his back story is influenced more by some of the creatures in Privateer Press’ Monsternomicon.

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