ArtOrder Muse challenge

I’ve started to work on an entry to the ArtOrder “Discover a Muse” challenge.  You can find out more about it here: It’s for a great cause and it’s good practice as well. Here is my final pencil and a few hours worth of color work. Next will be some blending and a lot of fiddling. I’ll post more when i can.


2 thoughts on “ArtOrder Muse challenge

  1. Excellent work as always sir!

    Quick question – when you say “pencils” – are you using a tablet with a pencil ‘brush tip’ or are you using traditional media and scanning it in?

    I ask because your lines are impressively uniform in width and weight which makes me think tablet, but I thought that you did things ‘old school’. 🙂

  2. Thanks mrlich!

    The pencils are indeed ‘old school’. I usually spend a couple of hours refining a sketch on a lightbox and then darkening and adding character to the line work. All possible in PS or Painter but i still like to have a piece of art in hand and to get my fingers dirty. I clean it up a bit in PS after scanning.

    The color work is mostly done in Corel Painter.

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