New Method with Old Art

In an effort to begin nailing down this PS/Painter process that i’m working on, i decided to try it out on an older piece and see if it gave me better results. I’ll post the origional so i/you can do a side-by-side. The origional was actually done fairly quickly as a practice piece to help me learn a bit more about PS last year. There is probably about the same amount of time invested in each but which looks better?


3 thoughts on “New Method with Old Art

    • I should have looked at this on something better than my phone. I like them both for different reasons. The first has a lot more contrast and more ‘punch’ thanks to the crispness of the colors, but the white border around the werewolf is a little distracting. The second has less boldness (lower contrast) but the fact that the white border shows up only as a hilight seems to make it look ‘cleaner’.

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