Trying out a new digital method

I’ve been playing around between CS3 and Corel Painter trying to establish a standard method of color production that is fast and still leaves me happy with the end results (not too rough but not too Photoshopped).  This piece was a test run. You can see the pencils that I scanned in and the ‘final’ color version here. Pencils to final took about five hours. Not light speed but it’s my first time working this way so not too bad. Initially I like it enough to post it here. I’ll give it a couple of days to simmer and then decide if I ‘like’ like it. Comments are always welcome.


6 thoughts on “Trying out a new digital method

  1. I like the end result in general. Compared to the other illustrations posted here, it seems a bit more cartoony, like it needs to be in a comic book, but I do like it. The colors are great, finished product is pleasing.

    • I appreciate the comment Dan. It is indeed very comic bookish but that is a style of art I really enjoy. I love comic art’s use of bright colors with strong and expressive line work. Although to be completely honest, I think my love-affair with the line dates back more to the early (1st edition) artists of D&D. Bill Willingham, Jeff Dee, James Roslof etc. Great stuff!

  2. This is great stuff. I really like the feel of the finished work, and I think that it’s strong.

    Also – pencils to finish in 5 hours with that as the finished result? We have to get you writing tutorials sir. I would like to know how this is done. 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words. it means a great deal as i can see from your own work, if i’m not mistaken, the influence of comic art (the heavier and more expressive linework).
      I love to look at work like your’s. It looks great and makes me feel like i’m not the only one who appreciates the techniques artistic merits. For years i’ve tended to suppress my own comic-style as most people seem to feel it is less valid as an art form and it’s not what you usually see in the RPG world. I’m pretty sure i’ve been shooting myself in the foot by letting that sort of mentality influence me away from my own enjoyment of my work.
      Like i said to Dan above, i love this style of work and i think i would prefer to make less financially viable art in this style then struggle to adapt to creating the sort of work that seems to sell better in the RPG market today. I really like the artwork being done by those artists but i’m not sure their style will ever be my style. Who knows, if i keep at it maybe the market will swing in my direction someday. Enough feelings.

      As far as the time of the piece goes about 2 hours was spent doodling for fun then realizing i had something i might want tocolor and producing a finished pencil of the line work. This was done traditionally as i’m still not as deft with a Wacom (5 years exp.) as i am with a pencil (34+ years). That was scanned in and the other 3 hours was digital colorising, painting and image adjusting.
      That is a little more involved then i can type here at this late hour but if you seriously want to know the step-by-step as it evolves from here let me know. I honestly can’t imagine ever producing a tutorial. I’ve never been very organised in my work habits but this process could change that for the better.

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