Hurakan Concept

A concept sketch for ArtOrder competition. It never progressed past this rough stage but i still like some of his style. Maybe it’s just the skull. Looking over these posts i have to say that my H.S. art teacher was right. I am obsessed with skulls. Too much metal in my past.


2 thoughts on “Hurakan Concept

  1. This one may be my favorite. I really like the ‘iconic-ness’ of this image.


    “Too much metal in my past.”

    There’s no such thing, my friend. There’s no such thing.

    • If you’ve been following the ArtOrder posts you know this was a very long, many part competition which really gave me fits when it came to developing a final image. I liked the Aztec style and it pushed me away from my comfort zone (which is always uncomfortable and yet always a good thing). It just never reached the point where i felt i had something strong enough to contribute. Maybe someday i’ll get some use out of the character design.

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